CHICAGO (CBS) — Their spirits were high. If only their food remained dry.

Still, Monday’s downpour failed to dampen the White Sox support despite the cancellation it caused for the team’s home opener against the Tigers.

“I can’t remember the last time it was dry for Opening Day,” one fan pointed out.

And that’s not all some fans are having troubling remembering.

When asked what field White Sox fans were going to head into for Monday’s season opener, we saw a few heads being scratched.

“What is that, uh — it’s a … Oh, my god. It’s new, I don’t know,” one fan said before definitively saying, “It’s Comiskey, we’re going into Comiskey.”

“Hey, it’s the Sox park,” another fan said.

This isn’t the first time White Sox fans had to play the name game. Naming rights to the ballpark were sold to U.S. Cellular in 2003. For the next 13 seasons, it was known as U.S. Cellular Field.

So, we revisited our tapes from 2003.

That year’s season opener featured the new name change, as well as some old concerns.

“Grew up with the old park, miss the old park,” one said.

“It’s been Comiskey Park since the beginning,” one woman said.

In a coincidence more than a decade apart, that 2003 name reveal also included a downpour on the diamond.

History does love to repeat itself.

The ballpark now features the name Guaranteed Rate Field after the team signed a 13-year naming rights deal with the retail mortgage lender in November 2016.

The field may feature the word “guaranteed.” The weather, however, is not.