(CBS) — About 100 people demonstrated downtown late Friday against President Trump’s decision to send missiles against a Syrian military airfield.

First the group assembled across the river from Trump Tower. Then they marched along the sidewalks of Michigan Avenue.

Their chant: “Hey, Hey, Donald J: How many kids have you killed today?” It’s a twist on the old Vietnam-era slogan directed then at President Lyndon B. Johnson, or LBJ.

Dozens marched through downtown Chicago Friday to protest the U.S. missile strike on Syria. (WBBM/Steve Miller)

WBBM’s Steve Miller asked one protester: Wasn’t it Syrian President Assad who killed the kids?

“What do you think the bombing is going to do?  Do you think it’s really going to be going up against the authorities there?  No.  Just more people are going to be killed. This is just a ploy,” the protester replied.

Another demonstrator, Vicki Cervantes of Chicago, offered this reply: “The tragedy of the children is heart-rending. But I think the response of escalation — of more bombing, of more war — only means more dead children.”

The Assad regime is suspected of the nerve-gas attack earlier this week that killed dozens of civilians in Northern Syria.