(CBS) Following a World Series championship, the Cubs are worth an estimated $2.68 billion, according to Forbes.

That makes the Cubs the fourth-most valuable franchise in MLB in Forbes’ annual report. The Yankees are worth the most at $3.7 billion, followed by the Dodgers ($2.75 billion) and Red Sox ($2.7 billion).

The Cubs have increased in value by 22 percent year-over-year, per Forbes. In March 2016, Forbes valued the Cubs at $2.2 billion.

The White Sox were valued at $1.35 billion, which was the 15th-most in MLB. That represented about a 29 percent increase is worth year-over-year, Forbes reported.

The average MLB team is worth $1.54 billion, which is an increase of 19 percent over a year ago, per Forbes. Forbes cited more lucrative local television contracts as one big reason for the spike in growth.