CHICAGO (CBS) — Tuesday is a non-paid day off for teachers and other staff at Northeastern Illinois University. No classes, either. And a non-existent state budget is the reason.

University students and staff displayed protest signs on both sides of Foster Ave. Tuesday morning.

It’s one of three unpaid days off for staff and no classes for children.

A sociology major at the university said the state budget mess is “ridiculous.”

“When you have people out on the street like today, it actually says something that we need to be at work, we need to be at school,” she said. “I want to get paid, I want to go to school.”

State Senator and governor candidate Daniel Biss acknowledges state lawmakers bear some of the blame, but said the fault mostly resides with Gov. Bruce Rauner.

“The Governor is obsessed with others issues, political issues, personal issues,” Bliss said.