CHICAGO (CBS) — Protesters gathered in the Daley Plaza and marched up Wacker Drive demanding that President Donald Trump release his income tax return on Saturday.

Protesters hoisted signs that read, “Hey, comrade, show us your taxes,” “Prove you’re not Putin’s puppet,” and “Don the Con.”

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Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky said it’s no less important for the President to reveal his returns now than it was during the campaign.

“Donald Trump is still talking about being audited or something like that, but of course, we know the real truth,” Schakowsky  said. “We know those tax returns will reveal not only his relationship with Russia, and his entanglements around the world financially that could influence his decisions. We think he has hardly paid taxes over the years. We want to see that.”

Protesters rallied to a spot across the Chicago River from Trump Tower. They sang, beat drums, chanted and some even pointed fingers at the tower and shouted “Shame!”

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“You got to be honest with us. Come clean,” said one protester who wore a homemade “chicken” hat.

Another protester, decked out in an onesie fashioned from an American flag, carried a sign that played on the biblical account of the resurrection that read, “Behold. He is not here. He is chicken.”

“It says that he’s fake, because the man has claimed to be on both sides of pretty much every issue except for one, and that’s when it comes to being transparent,” he said. “This man is immune to criticism.”

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Lawmakers in 26 states, including Illinois, have introduced legislation that would require presidential and vice presidential candidates to disclose returns. If they refuse, they can’t be on the ballot.