By Jim Williams

(CBS) — Some elaborate, homemade memorials to loved ones did not stay up long in a southwest suburban cemetery because officials there say they violated the rules.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports.

Since the death of her mother, Kathleen, two years ago, Jennifer Koziel has been a weekly visitor to Resurrection Catholic Cemetery in Justice. She usually creates intricate memorials for her mom’s gravesite.

“This is the one spot to come to bring her things, to decorate, just like she used to decorate our home,” she says.

But Jennifer says almost soon as she puts up the memorials, cemetery workers remove them.

“It’s traumatizing,” she says.

The executive director of the Chicago area’s Catholic cemeteries says the rules are made clear before loved ones are buried here. They are included in the brochure. Among them: “Stands, boxes, easels, pots, and shepard hooks are strictly prohibited as well as lawn ornaments, glass or decorative stones and border edging.”

There’s even a rule for flag displays, as Chris Anderl found out at her husband’s grave.

“They’ve taken them all off,” Anderl says.

But the rule is clear: Flags have to be in approved containers.

All of this offers little comfort for Kozial when she see her mom’s memorials in a pile.

The brochure says the restrictions are in place for safety. But Jennifer and Chris vow to continue setting up memorials there.