CHICAGO (CBS) – It is usually called an equestrian ballet…

But The Cavalia Odysseo Show, under the big white tent at Soldier Field dazzled a different audience on Thursday. CBS 2’s Lauren Victory explains.

Navigating the yearly field trip for Chicago Lighthouse students is never a simple task – a complex experience for the visually impaired children is the goal.

Hearing horses jump started the tour, with stable smells filling nostrils and imaginations.

The students learned about what the animals eat and were a part of several touch and feel moments.

Parents said they could not pass up the behind the scenes “look” at Cavalia Odysseo.

“When I first walked in, I wanted to cry because, like I said, he would not be able to experience what we do, being up close is great for him,” said mother, Theresa August.

That sheer joy of horsin’ around, was also felt by the people who do it everyday.

“Having kids here and just seeing the magic this create for them, just wears off on us too,” said performer, Chelsea Jordan.

The principal of Chicago Lighthouse said they prepared students by playing them videos of Cavalia. Nothing of course is like the real thing.

Cavalia by the way does something like this with disabled students in at least every city they tour in.

The horse show will run at under the big white top tent at Soldier Field through Mother’s Day.