CHICAGO (CBS) – President Donald Trump’s 100th Day in office was marked Saturday, and on Sunday, an op-ed he wrote outlining what he calls success will appear in the Washington Post.

They include what he refers to as an effort to remove job-killing regulations, along with immigration reform and protecting America’s borders.

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Thousand protested Saturday nationwide, criticizing the President.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross has more on the Presidential milestone and what it means locally.

Environmentalists and health care critics offered their take on the political environment on Saturday, some describing the first 100 days, as feeling a lot longer.

Protestors chanted at a healthcare rally.

“Healthcare is a human right – fight, fight, fight.”

“The number one cause of bankruptcy is America is due to medical bills – fight, fight, fight.”

“We won’t tolerate that people have to die because of lack of healthcare in one of the richest countries in the world.”

Local healthcare providers said they are marching against a fragmented for-profit system.

They hope to put pressure on lawmakers for both an alternative to Obamacare and Trumpcare.

Critics argue the President’s inability to repeal and replace Obamacare is a scratch on his 100 day record, but in a tweet this he hinted that could change.

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“If our healthcare plan is approved, you will see real healthcare and premiums will start tumbling down,” President Trump tweeted.

Hundreds protested Saturday downtown in the rain drawing attention to climate change and what they call the president putting companies ahead of our climate.

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There are fears the possible major funding cuts to the environmental protection agency could limit or close down Chicago’s office.

Despite that, protesters ask the President for more federal protection and funding for things like water and air quality.

“He needs to listen because we’re not going anywhere. Wooooo,” the crowd cheered.

The President defended his environmental stance one week ago with a tweet writing, “I am committed to keeping our air and water clean, but always remember that economic growth enhances environmental protection. Jobs matter!”

As for the next 100 days, activists said you can expect more protests ahead until policies change.