CHICAGO (CBS) – Nearly 70 dogs were seized from an Indiana home where investigators said a man was performing illegal surgeries on them.

The Lake County Sheriff also said the pets lived in filth.

CBS 2’s Lauren Victory has the latest on the case at the Lake County Sheriff’s Animal Adoption and Control Center.

This is the most rescues the shelter has ever had.

Staff had to close the doors Wednesday and Thursday so they could cleanup and medically evaluate the new animals.

Thursday still marked a busy day as people dropped off money and supplies to help with the influx.

A heartbreaking home life landed the many dogs in an Indiana lockup.

They will be free when their owner is behind bars instead.

Complaints, such as smell and barking, brought the Lake County Sheriff’s Department to an unincorporated Center Township home before, but nothing happened.

But Wednesday brought a much different discovery.

“It was dark, poor ventilation and then we removed all the animals and we found a lot of medical equipment,” said Sheriff John Bunich, Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

Supplies like scalpels allegedly used to perform a c-section on a Frenchie mom and 10 others.

CBS: Did this man have any sort veterinary training?

“To our knowledge, none whatsoever,” Bunich said.

In all, 68 dogs now join the rescues at the Lake County Sheriff’s shelter. They have tripled their patients and needs.

“We brought Clorox bleach, we brought wipes, we brought paper towels,” said donator, Marina Di Santo.

“Food, yea, they gave us a list,” said donator, Jesse Yarnelle. “We read the article on Facebook and we just wanted to see what we could do.”

Back at the property under investigation, CBS 2 found chickens, but no answers.

The Sheriff believes the man was selling the dogs. They have not named him because he is not arrested.

The plan is to charge him soon with animal neglect, unlicensed vet care and unlicensed breeding.