Bananas Foster French Toast Recipe:


Cap’n Crunch cereal

6 pieces of 1 3/4 inch cut Challah Bread

8 eggs

4 cups of milk

1 c maple syrup

1 c of honey

1 Tb. cinnamon

1 tsp rum extract

zest of orange

Mix together all ingredients


Take each piece of Challah and soak them in cinnamon honey egg wash

Take 10 c of Cap’n Crunch and robo coupe until fine

Place challah bread one at a time and completely encrust with Cap’n Crunch.

In hot skillet with light oil, place Challah bread carefully cooking each side until golden brown.

Complete each piece, let rest.

In hot sauté pan place slice bananas and brown sugar, sauté, add 2Tb of butter, sautéed.

Deglaze with 1 c of Meyer’s dark rum. Simmer.

Drizzle over finished Challah French Toast, Sprinkle with powdered sugar,

Finish with two scoops of Vanilla Gelato and Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream.