By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — How many of your electric devices are plugged in, but not being used?

They’re costing you money by sucking up what’s called “vampire power.”

CBS 2 Cost Cutter Dorothy Tucker shows you how much you can save.

Your coffeemaker, computer, printer are all eating power when turned off.

A dehumidifier wastes about  $7 a year. An old Xbox 360 and a CD player can each cost you $3 a year.

“Vampire power is something that can waste up to 20 percent of your power bill. That can cost you $100 a year,” says Jim Chilsen  of the Citizens Utility Board.

To cut costs: Try a smart plug you control through your phone, or a smart power strip that leaves some devices on while preventing others from draining power. Smart thermostats can program themselves.

When you replace old electronics, look for the energy star label on appliances and electronics to cut your electric costs.

Also, look for rebates on smart thermostats through ComEd.


Dorothy Tucker