By Chris Emma–

CHICAGO (CBS) — After early season struggles from their rotation, the Cubs may be seeking starting pitching at the trade deadline, and the White Sox should have some to deal.

While one Chicago team looks to contend and the other rebuilds, it may seem natural for the Cubs and White Sox to work as trade partners. On that front after some rumors to the contrary, White Sox general manager Rick Hahn reiterated that his organization would have no hesitation dealing to the Cubs.

“Any deal we make is about maximizing the future of the White Sox,” Hahn said Tuesday at Guaranteed Rate Field. “We are open for business with 29 other clubs. I think the best evidence I can probably point to for that is simply our willingness to do trades within our division, which has a far, far greater impact in our ability to compete than doing a deal with a team in another league just because we have proximity to them geographically.

“There is zero issue doing a deal with the Cubs or any of the other 28 teams after them. We’re about putting the White Sox in the best position. Hopefully, throughout our trades, both sides end up winners.”

The White Sox have potential trade pieces on their roster, none more powerful than ace left-hander Jose Quintana. A bidding war for Quintana could take place before the trade deadline.

Part of the reason some believe the two clubs would be hesitant to make a deal is because of comments made by Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer last August. Regarding the proposition of trading with the White Sox, Hoyer said that there’s a “tax” that often comes with a deal to a division rival or a crosstown club.

“It’s hard,” Hoyer said then. “There are discussions that go on, but we also have discussions with the teams in our division. You just don’t see a lot of trades in divisions — not only our division, but other divisions. And having the multiple teams in the same city, I do think that’s a challenge. I think that there’s going to be a lot more focus or scrutiny on a deal that’s made between (the Cubs and White Sox).

“At some level, I think that both teams are aware of that. I think when we were sellers (in years past), we had some awareness of that, and I’m sure on the other side of town, there’s some awareness of that as well. I wouldn’t say never. There might be a deal that makes sense someday, but (the White Sox) are certainly not a team we look at as a likely trade partner.”