CHICAGO (CBS) — Blackhawks star Patrick Kane won high praise from an American Airlines flight attendant after giving up his first-class seat for a soldier on the same flight.

Teri Truss, of Columbus, Ohio, said she’s not a hockey fan, but she tweeted a photo of herself with Kane, calling him a “class act” after what he did when he was seated in first class and saw a man in uniform seated in coach.

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“He said, ‘There’s a soldier on this flight,’ and I said ‘Yeah, OK?’” Truss said. “He said, ‘I would like for him to sit up front, and I would like to give him my first-class seat, and I’ll go to the back.’ I’m like, ‘Are you sure?’ He said ‘yes,’ and I was like, ‘Perfect, great opportunity.’”

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Truss said the serviceman was grateful to get Kane’s first-class seat and seemed to enjoy the flight. He later went back to thank Kane, and Truss said Kane “was awesome.”