CHICAGO (CBS) — A luxury vehicle belonging to Chicago Bears receiver Kevin White was stolen during a fake accident scheme Thursday night in the West Town neighborhood.

The incident happened at Grand and May around 7 p.m. White’s girlfriend was alone at the time when the car – a Maserati – was stolen. Angel Prado and Frank Vazques witnessed the suspects’ car strike the Maserati, which prompted White’s girlfriend to exit the vehicle.

“One of the guys looked towards the front of the car and then the other guy from the other car came out and jumped in the Maserati and that’s when she turned around, he took off,” Prado said.

The suspect struck another vehicle while speeding away, before the accomplice jumped back into the original car and sped away.

“The guy got scared, he was gonna jump out, but she backed up and she let him go,” Vazquez said.

It’s the latest in a cluster of so-called “bump-and-runs” – or, in this case, bump and steal. Car thieves strike another vehicle and divert the driver’s attention by pretending to trade information on the side of the road. Then, an accomplice zooms off with the other person’s car.

Witnesses describe a similar scene from Thursday night. Sources confirmed the 26-year-old victim in the Maserati is the girlfriend of White, the Bears’ 2015 first-round draft pick.

The girlfriend was unharmed.

“She looked OK, but I’m sure she was startled,” Prado tells CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov.

Police said the incident was just the latest in a cluster of bump-and-run thefts on the Near West Side.

Another North Side woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said the same thing happened to her while she was driving her SUV near the intersection of Diversy and Damen — but she refused to leave her vehicle after she called a friend who had warned her about bump-and-runs.

“When she called in the license plate, she said that car was involved in a carjacking — your gut was right,” the woman told CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov. That incident was reported to police.