CHICAGO (CBS) — United Airlines announced that its cockpit door access information may have accidentally been made public.

Airline spokeswoman Maddie King said this is not a breach. “The safety of our customers and crew is our top priority and United utilizes a number of measures to keep our flight decks secure beyond door access information,” King said in a statement. “In the interim this protocol ensures our cockpits remain secure.”

The airline has not said how the information became public.

CBS 2 spoke via phone to aviation expert Joe Schwieterman, who referred to the situation as alarming. “That’s guarded with the utmost secrecy — what the procedures are, what the codes are — and that appears what’s happened here. So it’s really the principle of the thing I think people are concerned about — that information is meant to be carefully guarded.”

United is working on a new safety plan to resolve this issue as soon as possible.