By Charlie De Mar

(CBS) – A Chinatown shootout caught on camera: It happened over the weekend during a busy night.

Now, residents and community leaders say they’ve had enough with criminals putting others in harm’s way.

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports.

The incident occurred Saturday night, as cars and people filled Wentworth Avenue.

Personal dashcam video obtained by CBS 2 shows shots exchanged from either side of the street.

The video shows two men walking. One pulls out a gun and starts shooting as both run away ducking for cover. Bullets fly their way.

Harry Irizarry works in Chinatown. He says there was a shooting last month on the Chinatown feeder ramp. A man got out of his car and shot two people, killing one.

A November stabbing killed one man and left three injured.

“Sadly, can’t say I’m surprised there was an incident around there, just because there’s been a few,” says David Sudzus of the South Loop Safety Association.

Police say nobody was hit Saturday’s incident, though witnesses say several cars were damaged.


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