(CBS) – There was an update over the weekend about a suburban police officer shot in the line of duty last year.

It was the officer’s mother who took center stage in a heartfelt Facebook post.

CBS 2’s Roseanne Tellez has more.

tim jones Facebook Post Offers Encouraging Update On Recovering Cop

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On the Park Forest Police Department Facebook page, there were two smiling faces: Officer Tim Jones and his mom, Tamara Jones. The Mother’s Day post singled her out for praise, calling her “the embodiment of everything good about that little three letter palindrome: mom.”

Nearly 2,000 people “liked” the post, and hundreds more shared and commented in support.

Police Chief Pete Green says the injured officer’s comeback has been amazing, thanks in large part to Jones’ mother.


“Every day there’s a lot of sweat — no tears. Tim and his family don’t believe in tears. It’s all sweat and hard work,” Green says.

Jones is an inspiration to his fellow officers. There are just 41 of them in this small department.

“He’s still an officer with us — he’s just an injured officer. I mean he’s got his locker to come back to whenever he chooses,” the chief says.