CHICAGO (CBS) — The search for a missing teen who went for a swim in the Des Plaines River has entered its fourth day, as the Cook County Sheriff’s office has taken over the effort to find the boy.

Cameron Sanders, 16, has been missing since Saturday afternoon, when he and a couple friends traveled to Melrose Park to hang out near the Des Plaines River. At some point, he and two friends jumped off an old railroad trestle known as Rainbow Bridge, but Cameron was pulled under by the current.

Melrose Park police had been leading the search effort in unincorporated Cook County, but suspended their search yesterday. That’s when the Cook County Sheriffs Department decided to step in and take over the search.


Sheriff Tom Dart said there is video of the teen’s friends trying to rescue him after they dove into the river.

“The young boy that was already in with him tried to save him,” he said. “You could tell the current is incredible, and they’re being taken away.”

This morning the sheriff’s office launched numerous boats north of where Sanders was last seen. Canines and a helicopter equipped with sonar and infrared equipment.

Melrose Park area resident Jim Craig said he believes the railroad bridge is an invitation to danger.

“Oh yes, definitely. I think so. I think so,” he said.

Craig said a young cousin died 20 years ago when he climbed to the top of the bridge and fell off.

Dart agreed the bridge is dangerous, and has demanded the railroad fence off the area.