CHICAGO (CBS) — Park Forest Police officers managed to get help for two people who were suicidal over the weekend and, as a public service, shared some details on the department’s Facebook page.

The post begins, “Part of a police officer’s role is to deal with people at their lowest points.” The post goes on to single out officer Justin Malachowski, a member of the Crisis Intervention Team, for his compassion and professionalism.


The police department shared part of a conversation that occurred through a closed door, after an individual locked themselves in a bedroom, the post says. The person didn’t want to talk to officer Malachowski because he wouldn’t understand what (they) were going through.

Deputy Chief Chris Mannino said Malachowski ultimately got the individual to open the door and go to the hospital for psychological help.

“It can be emotionally rough, and also there is a safety factor. But with enough training and enough experience, officers can handle what they come across,” Mannino said.

Mannino said they decided to share the information because they want people to know there is help. Call 9-1-1, he says, if a loved one is in a similar situation and be prepared to share with dispatchers what the person said, as well as any information about weapons and medical history.

“Making that call could save a life,” the post concludes.