By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — New details in the latest sexual assault accusation against former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.

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“My client alleges that in the fourth grade he stopped to use a public bathroom at a park close to the high school, that Dennis Hastert entered that bathroom and sexually assaulted him,” says attorney Kristi Browne, who represents an anonymous plaintiff.

It was 1973 or 1974, Browne says, and her client was a student at Yorkville Grade School. Hastert was a popular coach at Yorkville High. The bathroom — since torn down — is now the high school parking lot.

“This particular incident is more violent than what we’ve heard in the past,” she says.

The complaint accuses Hastert of confronting the boy and threatening “his parents would be put in jail” if he ever told. But about 10 years later, Browne says her client visited then-Kendall County State’s Attorney Dallas Ingemunson and tried to report the crime.

Browne says her client was scared off. “His allegation is he was told he would be prosecuted if he made that complaint and that he could be sued by Mr. Hastert for slander,” she says.

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Browne says her client didn’t know Ingemunson had “played a prominent role in elevating Hastert’s political career, served as Hastert’s personal attorney and partnered with Hastert in various business ventures.”

Ingemunson was unavailable for comment.

Asked why the complaint is filed now, Browne says: “The filing of the other case may have given him comfort that people are trying to do something for the victims here.”

The accuser, Richard Doe, filed a similar complaint against Hastert with the Kendall County Sheriff Office last year, but authorities determined the statute of limitations had run out.

Haster is in federal prison for violating banking laws, in connection with sex assault allegations against a former student.


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Dorothy Tucker