CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Emanuel said Chicago Public Schools are steadily getting better, but the city still needs more financial help from the state.

Mayor Emanuel announced Thursday the expansion of incentive and training programs to encourage independence and success among Chicago Public School principals. He used the opportunity to criticize state education funding and its effect on promoting academic improvements. WBBM’s Jim Gudas reports.

Emanuel said the ongoing budget impasse in Springfield and the lack of education funding reform makes it much harder to implement improvements like these.

“It’s time everybody comes together to fix what is broken and when you are done with that, take higher education which was doing well, and go back to doing what was working and don’t break it,” Emanuel said.

“…we should be doubling down and backing them up so that next year there are twice as many principals standing up here.”

The Independent Schools Principals program, which frees high-performing principals from oversight by CPS network managers, will add 29 principals from across the city to its ranks.