CHICAGO (CBS) — A protest by about a dozen people against Sharia, or Islamic Law, has drawn a large number of counter-protestors across the street from Trump Tower.

Both sides were getting in each other’s faces giving hand gestures and chanting offensive phrases. One of the anti-Sharia protesters held a sign reading: “Mohammad was a pedophile.” Others wore hats reading “Make America Great Again.” Some covered their faces.

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Police for the most part kept the two protests separated.

WBBM: What is the point you are trying to make out here?

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“People from the Middle Eastern region, and those of European descent or Americans here, are at odds with each other because of international finance and war,” an unidentified man said.

Essentially what that man was saying is that wars are breeding terrorism.

“A threat against Muslims is a threat against all people,” an unidentified woman said.

That woman said they are misinformed.

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