CHICAGO (CBS) – A 2-year-old boy was found Monday morning wandering alone in a Dixmoor alley wearing only a diaper.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross has more on this alarming discovery.

Both local police and DCFS are looking into this discovery. No charges have been filed, but the allegations are serious.

The story begins with Tracey Marchman and her boyfriend doing yardwork, but after a discovery, it turned into police work.

Marchman noticed a toddler walking through a nearby alley near 145th and Seeley around 10:30 a.m. on Monday morning. She said the 2-year-old was unsupervised and nearly unclothed.

“He didn’t have no shoes on,” Marchman said. “But he only had a diaper on.”

It was what she saw upon closer inspection that made her tell a homeowner to call police.

“He had dirt on his chest, he had like a mark on his arm and he had a ring around his ankle,” Marchman said.

CBS: Was the child in pain was he hurting?

“No he was just happy to see someone,” Marchman said. “They must have had him chained up and he got out.”

CBS: Do you have any reason to believe that the child was tied up based on the marks you found?

“I can’t disclose that right now,” said Dixmoor Police Chief Ronald Burge.

Dixmoor Police Chief Ronald Burge said he has two officers working on the case and now DCFS is looking into the toddler’s injuries.

He said the boy is now in protective custody while the investigation continues.

“This will be resolved by days end,” Burge said.

CBS: When you hear the police say that they are going to wrap up their investigation today, does that make you feel better?

“Yes, just thankful I was out there,” Marchman said.

There is no word yet on the next steps of the investigation. The 2-year old remains in protective custody.