By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) The stagnation of the Bulls has now become some kind of kabuki theater, with all sorts of heavily nuanced meetings and discussions that have become farcical in their over-complication of mediocrity.

After the sit-down with Jimmy Butler early last week to tell him they were either going to trade him or they weren’t, the brass now just met with Dwyane Wade as he contemplates whether wants to play for the $23.8 million the team owes him for next season. It’s an awfully nice paycheck for a player already in semi-retirement mode, and Wade is smart enough to know that another team isn’t going to out-bid that for his services of my-turn possessions, missed dunks and indifferent defense.

The idea of this management team going from one room to another to offer assurances to underachievers is laughable, at this point. This team clowns its coach and quits in the playoffs, and one wanna-be superstar grants his bosses an audience for some kind of presentation while a used-to-be superstar deigns to allow one for him.

This is what the Bulls have become, lots of talk that gets them no closer to winning anything.

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