CHICAGO (CBS) – Thank goodness for observant neighbors.

Two people spotted a house fire on Tuesday in Joliet. What the two neighbors did next is nothing less than heroic.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker introduces us to one of them in this Original Report.

Neighbors helping neighbors took on a life-saving meaning in Joliet on Tuesday.

Today was the first time Dawn Barrett is seeing the damage caused by a fire the Liliana Macius escaped because of Barrett’s quick thinking.

“You saved my life. Thank you,” Macius said.

It was 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. Macius, her daughter and husband were still asleep.

Barrett lives just three doors from the Macius family. Barrett said she was about to walk her dog when she saw smoke coming out of the rooftop.

“I saw smoke coming out of that side of the house, the other side, up in the air,” Barrett said.

With the help of a nearby construction worker, they broke the glass on the door and Barrett started screaming. Macius heard the noise.

“I wake up and she’s telling me your house is on fire. I grab my husband and daughter,” Macius said.

The family is trying to determine why the smoke detectors never went off; and are grateful Barrett came when she did.

“That’s what people need to do more of today,” Barrett said. “They need to be there for each other.”