CHICAGO (CBS) — Four months ago, when the Chicago area was hit by a rash of thefts from car dealerships, a Kenosha dealership was theft-proof.

Now, that dealership isn’t so lucky.

Police in Kenosha believe it happened either late Thursday or early Friday morning: Thieves got into the Kenosha Nissan dealership and stole five cars.

Police Sergeant Eric Klinkhammer says thieves drove the cars out, ramming one through the overhead sliding doors.

“It is a very, very bold crime, to cause that much damage to a dealership and then steal that much valuable merchandise.”

Not only were the doors damaged, but at least the first vehicle to burst through the doors was also damaged.

Sergeant Klinkhammer says thieves tried the same thing four months ago, but couldn’t break the overhead doors down.

So, he says, those thieves ended up in Illinois, where they stole five cars from a Libertyville dealership.

In the latest theft in Kenosha, police say one of the vehicles, a 2011 Subaru, has been recovered.