CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Emanuel is criticizing Governor Rauner’s plan to veto a 911 phone surcharge approved by state lawmakers.

Governor Rauner thinks the 911 surcharge increase would be too high. It would add up to $5 per-line per-month for Chicagoans. WBBM’s Bernie Tafoya reports.

But, Mayor Emanuel said someone needs to tell the Governor that the 911 surcharge bill, passed with democratic and republican votes, is important for public safety.

“Somebody needs to give the governor crib notes on how that works, because clearly as a rookie Governor, he doesn’t get it. But it’s in the context of the cultural outlook and attitude even something essential for downstate, every community as it relates to public safety and overwhelming bipartisan votes – he’s going to veto it,” Emanuel said.

The Mayor said even when the Governor gets 90 percent of what he wants, he still cannot take yes for an answer.

Meanwhile, the Mayor is listing the reasons he thinks the proposed Senate Republican health care bill would be bad for Chicago and America.

The way Mayor Emanuel sees it, the Senate Republican health care packages has three strikes going against it.

“One, it’s a huge tax cut to the well off, huge cut in health care for the most vulnerable and it’s going to lead to every-increasing health care costs for the rest of us. One, two, three, you’re out,” Emanuel said.