CHICAGO (CBS) — C & B Welders can fix your broken steel chair, design your restaurant kitchen and produce the implements, patch a leaky tank and build public art. And with a shop at 2645 W. Monroe Street, it’s definitely Made in Chicago.

Owner Arlan Burton says his father founded the business in 1945.

“He just had a great imagination, and one of the hardest working men you’d ever want to meet,” Burton said.

First C & B welded water tanks. When that business dried up, they began fabricating and then designing kitchens — a business that flourished.

“A lot of it comes from word of mouth,” Burton says. “People just recommend us.” Which means the work has to be good.

Burton says artist Virginial Ferrari is using C & B to fabricate steel sculptures. But because they’re general welders, a vanishing breed, they’ll just as readily fix that chair.

“Usually people bring them down because there is a charge if I have to send a man out, so we always tell them you can bring them to us; you can save some money,” Burton said.