CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s Inspector General says the city would be better off having a court oversee efforts to reform the police department than forging an agreement with the Federal Justice Department.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been arguing that having a memorandum of understanding with the Justice Department and an independent monitor would be enough to keep the city on track with police reform.

And Ald. Jason Ervin asked inspector general, Joseph Ferguson, if that wasn’t a good idea.

“It’s something that we may not necessarily need. We can use those dollars toward really implementing the reforms that are necessary in the department,” Ferguson said.

But at his confirmation hearing, Ferguson said that system would be like a weak I.G.

“The thing that still hovers over all of this is public trust and public confidence — and that’s not something that any single one of us in this room can convince the most affected communities of right now.”

He says that the court-enforced decree may be the only way to maintain public confidence in the process.