By Jeremy Ross

(CBS) — An attempted abduction is sending chills though a northwest Indiana neighborhood.

Ron Kraus was with his son, Ryker, setting up for the child’s first-year birthday party in their front lawn Thursday night in Walkerton.

A motorist in a minivan pulled up the driveway, and the driver asked for water to cool his over-heated radiator. Kraus says he offered to help and stepped inside his home.

That’s when the stranger picked up his son and started running, the father tells CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross.

Kraus says he caught up to the man and struck him in the head.

“He falls right here. My son rolls down on the ground,” Kraus says.

He says he took his son inside their home and called 9-1-1.

“I hope they stop him before he does it again,” the father says.

Investigators say the suspect is as a man with a light complexion, beard stubble, wearing a white tee shirt and a gray camouflage over shirt.