CHICAGO (CBS) — An elderly couple was at home Friday night in their Marquette Park apartment when they say three men broke in and demanded drugs.

Johnnie Mills and his partner, Carol White, said they panicked when their front door swung open. Mills, who needs a cane to get around, rushed to the back door but wasn’t able to escape. The men had already grabbed White.

“He told me to sit down and bury my face in the pillow,” she said.

Mills said he immediately noticed one of the men had a gun. “He said, ‘hey, man, where the drugs at?'” Mills proceeded to tell the men that they do not sell drugs.

The intruders forced him to the ground, face down, while they ransacked the apartment. According to Mills, the only thing they found were his prescription drugs.

He and White were not injured.

“I told the landlord when he first came, you could have had two dead bodies in here,” White said. “You see it on TV, but you never think it will happen to you.”

The couple has only lived in the apartment for two months, but, given recent events, they may try to break their lease. Furthermore, they believe the suspects targeted the wrong apartment or were looking for the previous tenants.

Police said they do not have anyone in custody.