CHICAGO (CBS) — The blender is almost always going at City Press Juice & Bottle, an all organic health-bar and market committed to providing “the healthiest, most nutrient dense cold-pressed juices, superfood blends, elixirs and raw foods.”

One of their “superfood blends” is the Beachside.

“There’s coconut meats, there’s alkaline water, there is maca, chia, coconut oil, a little bit of lime, pineapple and mango,” said Angela Maicki.

She and her husband, Anthony, own City Press, which opened in Lakeview three years ago.

“My husband and I really wanted to do something together.”

Angela Maicki. (Credit: Steve Miller/WBBM)

That was the dream — opening a business together. However, they really didn’t know what to do until Anthony got sick about five years ago.

“He contracted Hepatitis A, which is a foodborne illness. He contracted it while we were traveling, and he was really down for the count,” Angela recalls.

Angela says she felt like she had to do something. “I was fully on a mission to get him back to health and to recovery. And that’s when we really got into juicing.”

That eventually evolved into their business, which is soon to have three locations.

She says people can be skeptical at times.

“And when I tell them, per bottle, we put in anywhere from three to five pounds of produce, they look at me like, are you serious? Can all of that produce fit into one 16-ounce bottle? But because of the process, it can.”