By Jeremy Ross

(CBS) — Skokie village leaders deadlocked on whether to opt out of Cook County’s new minimum wage increase and paid sick leave ordinance. For now, the village will follow the directives.

At a village board meeting Thursday, opponents and supporters voiced their views.

Local pizzeria owner Randy Miles says the new polices are potentially chilling to his business.

One measure boosts the county minimum wage level from $8.25 an hour to $10. Another mandates sick leave — meaning for every 40 hours worked, an employee earns one hour of paid leave.

But some communities whose local laws clash with county ordinances are legally able to opt out of those changes.

State leaders and local protesters say the voting public overwhelmingly supported those issues on past ballots. But businesses see the minimum wage hike and paid leave as too costly.

Of the 132 municipalities in Cook County, it’s estimated at least 70 — or more than half — have opted out of both ordinances.

Miles says that serves up an unfair advantage, as nearby communities might be able to attract workers with better pay.

“Our concern is that it’s not a level playing field,” he says.