CHICAGO (CBS) — Police across the Chicago area have been busy with child death cases this summer — at least four in two and a half months.

CBS 2’s Lauren Victory reports from south suburban Markham, scene of the most recent death.

A 1-year-old was found dead in a home Monday after a fire. At last check, Markham’s police chief says no one has come forward to even report a missing child.

Authorities this week publicized the type of clothes the child was wearing, in hopes of determining the toddler’s identity.

Community activist Andrew Holmes says her body was in a plastic bag.

A month ago, Dolton investigators made a similar discovery: a baby’s remains inside a plastic bag in a shed.

Meanwhile, mystery still surrounds Garrion Glover’s May death in East Chicago, Ind. Family members said the 4-year-old pulled the trigger of a loose gun and killed himself by accident.

Police say they’re not sure.

And then there’s the case of 16-month-old Semaj Crosby in Joliet Township.

Her body was discovered under a couch after her family reported the child missing.

In the Markham case, people have come forward offering to pay for funeral services for the little girl. But until they identify her, that can’t happen.

For now, she is listed as a Jane Doe.