(CBS) – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is praising the Illinois General Assembly for overriding Governor Rauner’s veto of the budget. Now, he’s calling on the governor to shore up funding for the state’s schools.

One of the things the legislature’s override did not accomplish: sorting out money issues for the state’s public schools.

Mayor Emanuel says Chicago schools will open on time. The city has borrowed a lot of money to help make that happen.

But long term, Chicago needs a stable funding source, and so do other school systems around the state.

“I would ask Governor Rauner,” Emanuel said. “You have the opportunity to be an education governor. Say yes to all of Illinois’ children, not just some of them.”

The governor has already said he would veto the school spending bill, calling it a bailout for Chicago.

Mayor Emanuel also had accolades for the legislature for approving — as part of the budget override package — a plan to firm up pensions for city workers.

“You have a secure retirement now,” Emanuel said.  “That did not exist when I became mayor.

Mayor Emanuel made his statements after he helped break ground at a new Salvation Army family shelter in West Humboldt Park.

The mayor did not take questions and did not include comments about the new, higher state income tax.