CHICAGO (CBS) — 100 years ago on Chicago’s West side, an Italian immigrant named Antonio Pasin started pedaling wagons, creating what would become the iconic American brand, Radio Flyer.

“It really represents childhood and the best part of childhood — playing outside, using your imagination, having adventures with people you love.”

Robert Pasin has been the CEO of the privately-held company since 1994.

“I grew up working in the company. At a very early age, I fell in love with my grandfather’s story,” Robert said.

Robert says people can still get the iconic steel Radio Flyer wagon that everyone remembers from their childhood.

Furthermore, Robert says the company has continued to evolve. “So now, for example, one of our newest wagons folds up, and we’ve expanded to other product categories, like tricycles.”

Basically, Radio Flyer will do anything with wheels for kids.

One of their newest products, launched last year, is a Tesla. Robert said it’s been a huge success.