(CBS) — The CTA is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, and some vintage buses are on display in Daley Plaza.

They are CTA buses built in the ’60s. The oldest ones were retired in the ’70s, though some were not taken off the streets until 1991.

The “green machines” with their canvas collection bags brought back memories.

“Especially that one. Because in ’67, I was 10,” says 58-year-old Stephen Steele.

“My uncle, he was one of the best bus drivers. He was (like), ‘Hey, Sweetie!’  You know, he was one of those guys.”

Steele adds: “And he let me drive the bus.”

That is, until they got to a bus stop with someone waiting. And then he said he’d get out of the driver’s seat.

The buses will be on display – walk-ins welcome – Tuesday.