By Wendy Widom

CHICAGO (CBS) — A trip to the chiropractor became a cause for coos today when patients noticed a newborn snuggled into the doctor’s chest.


Dr. Tom Williams and his wife, Lauren, run Roots Family Chiropractic. Their son, Oliver, arrived nine weeks ago. When Oliver is not at the front desk with mom, he’s tucked into a baby sling on dad’s chest while he sees patients.

“The main reason I wear him is physical contact,” says Dr. Williams. “There are many scientific benefits for babies, especially at his age, to have constant contact with parents.”


Dr. Williams says he has not received any complaints and the practice serves many families.

Genia Rackos of Chicago could not help but notice Oliver when she visited the practice today with her two boys.

“Seeing a doting dad happily bond with his son and work – I was having all sorts of happy feelings for them both,” she says. “You can see how much pride Dr. Tom has being able to do what he does and still have his son so close to his heart.”