With the invention of smartphones, social media has become one of the best promotional tools a small business can use to increase sales and customer base. As for social media platforms, Facebook is one of the easiest ways to maintain your social media presence. It allows businesses to post current status, promote sales and events, and interact with clients in an online environment.


Likes are a way to gauge the popularity of new products with your business’s customer base. The best way to reach most page followers is to post during the busiest Facebook times. This time is in the evening between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., when people are off work and looking at their Facebook pages. Of course, this depends on the pages audience. If the audience is stay-at-home mothers, the time for posting may vary. Other timing factors would include the type of post, and the amount of focus needed on the post. This system offers an opportunity to decide which posts would work best to use as a Facebook ad, as to increase page likes and the business’s online audience.

Ask questions

Facebook is a great way to ask questions of customers or use the survey tool to further define products and services. It is a fast way to get real-time feed-back on new ideas, hour changes, and events. There are a couple of ways to use questions on the page. The first is to ask a question, and request user comments. The second is to use a survey to give users answer choices. This is a great way to test new ideas, services, or changes to existing business practices.


With a plan, Facebook is a great place to establish branding for a small business. It is a medium that also allows for users to be responsive. Branding is how a business wants to be viewed by the public. It is the foundation for advertising, and garnering a loyal following. The goal here is to be eye-catching and thought provoking to generate the intended clientele base for a business. Facebook offers online ads for small businesses to garner more page likes and followers. The larger the following, the more opportunities for sales. Another aspect of branding on Facebook is the ability to offer and promote special events. This is a way to increase audience base and bring individuals to the businesses physical location.


This article was written by Karen Ulvestad for CBS Small Business Pulse