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Staying on budget and optimizing efficiency are key objectives to help keep your small business running smoothly. Therefore, purchasing office equipment is an important decision. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your printer and copier, it might be time to streamline functionality. Here are four benefits to using an all-in-one printer in your small business.


Cost Savings

Helping the bottom line is always a big plus! The cost savings for using an all-in-one printer add up in multiple ways. First, you are only buying one multi-function device that can do the job of three or four separate machines. The price of an all-in-one bundled unit will most likely be less than the total price of multiple devices. Plus, you’ll only need to replace ink cartridges for one unit instead of several and you’ll also have lower maintenance costs if you’re only fixing or repairing one machine.


Increased Efficiency

Office efficiency increases when you use one machine to perform multiple tasks. An all-in-one printer like the Canon MAXIFY MB5420 allows you to print, fax, scan and copy documents. With the capacity to handle two-sided scanning and printing, it handles high-output jobs with a 500-sheet paper tray capacity. It can serve up to nine users, has a fast first print speed, sharp, high-quality text, and boasts a 30,000-page Duty Cycle. All of this means you can complete tasks more quickly, which boosts business efficiency.


Space Saver

Using an all-in-one printer will also save counter and desk space. Three separate devices will take up more physical space in the office. By using one device that handles multiple functions, you only need to designate one small place for it and allocate a smaller amount of storage space for accessories, like ink cartridges. Using less space will also help reduce clutter and keep your office environment more organized.


Wireless and Mobile Connectivity

An all-in-one printer is designed to support today’s trend toward wireless networks and increased mobile connectivity. This means you can perform multiple tasks from your tablet, smartphone or laptop. You can print from the cloud, and utilize the scanning function to scan, share and store files. You no longer have to be bound by hardwired constraints. A wireless all-in-one can get your job done, on demand and on the go.


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