CHICAGO (CBS) — If it looks like ketchup, smells like ketchup, and tastes like ketchup, it’s probably ketchup. And as true Chicagoans know, that means it doesn’t belong on a hot dog.

Still, with National Hot Dog Day coming up Wednesday, Heinz is hoping its new “Chicago Dog Sauce” will convince Chicagoans to commit the cardinal Windy City sin. Judging by a video posted on social media, they’ve already found some ketchup converts.

The video notes that, except in Chicago, lots of people put Ketchup on their hot dogs.

“To put ketchup on a hot dog, it’s just absurd to me,” one woman said in the video. Heinz soon had that woman — and several other self-proclaimed ketchup haters — eating her words.

Labeling a big jug of ketchup as “Chicago Dog Sauce,” Heinz convinced her and others who said ketchup on hot dogs to give it a try Chicago-style hot dogs — featuring mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, a pickle spear, and a dash of celery salt — with their supposedly new condiment.

Though everyone in the video seemed pleased, a few did seem ashamed.

“Don’t tell my dad about this,” one man said after learning he’d just chowed down on a hot dog topped with ketchup.

Chicago sin or not, Heinz did seem to change some minds on ketchup.

“I’m not going to stop eating it because it’s got ketchup on it. I’m not a psychopath,” one man said after earlier declaring ketchup has no place on a hot dog.

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