INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has agreed to repay motorists more than $62 million it collected in excessive fees to settle a class-action lawsuit.

Attorney Irwin Levin represented motorists in the lawsuit. He said the settlement includes $28.5 million in refunds for customers who were overcharged between 2002 and mid-2006 for driver licenses, vehicle registrations and other services. It also includes $33.6 million the agency began returning to customers last year for transactions from 2006 to 2014.

“Generally speaking, Hoosiers will get their money back as credits in their next BMV transaction. The intention of the settlement was to be painless and seemless,” Levin said.

Levin said most motorists who qualify for refunds would be entitled to somewhere between $1 and $50. People who no longer live in Indiana or who no longer drive can receive checks.

Together with previous settlements and refunds, the BMV has admitted to charging drivers more than $115 million in higher-than-allowed taxes and fees over the past 15 years.

Attorney Carl Hayes represented the BMV in the case. He said the agency is pleased to have resolved the issue.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles website has links to take care of the refunds.

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