CBS Local– Thanks to the dating app known as Hater, which as you might have guessed, pairs you up with your perfect match based on things you and your soon-to-be date both hate, we now know what each state hates most.

For example, Illinois hates biting string cheese. As for our neighbors, Hoosiers hate Bloggers, people in Wisconsin hate trap music, Iowans hate long hair on guys, people in Missouri hate people who believe in aliens, and Kentuckians hate friends that ask you to help them move.

Nebraska, for some reason, loathes the show “Seinfeld,” Delaware hates actor Casey Affleck, and California hates fidget spinners, those toys every kid seems to love these days.

state hate Tapas, Seinfeld, Spin Class And Much More: Heres A List Of What People In Each State Hate The Most

Courtesy Hater

Massachusetts hates Eli Manning more than anything else in the world, thanks to the New York Giants quarterback twice defeating the New England Patriots in Super Bowls. Manning’s team’s home state of New York hates the touristy Times Square area.

Coffee is on the mind of many in a few states. Maryland hates cheap coffee; and Washington, home to Seattle and some of the best coffee in the world, hates Keurig K-Cups.

Meanwhile, Colorado hates the boy band NSYNC, and Utah hates pornography.

Do you agree with what your state hates most?

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