By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) Amid all kinds of reports regarding the next landing spot for free agent Derrick Rose, USA Today’s Sam Amick added intrigue Thursday when he tweeted this:

“Derrick Rose likely will pick team this weekend, I’m told. Cavs, Lakers, reported, but talks w/his agent, BJ Armstrong, & Bulls too.”

Bulls? Let’s hope not.

It’s a tank year for them after the Jimmy Butler trade, and it’s possible that some in the organization could see Rose still being a draw for a certain bloc of intractable fans for whom he can do no wrong even after his game and body crumbled and he was embroiled in a lurid civil rape trial. It’s not worth it, however, and the temptation should be avoided.

Rose’s departure felt like a weight being lifted after years of his various injury cycles and bizarre and confusing statements almost every time a microphone was in front of him. It was always something with him, and it was enough, here.

It remains enough. Hard pass.

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