CHICAGO (CBS) — Tens of thousands of Pokemon fans are poke-mad after technical glitches turned Saturday’s Pokemon Go Festival into a huge flop.

CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos has the story from Grant Park.

The biggest issue: the app that you play the game on is not working for so many people.

Twenty-thousand people came here from all over to play from Australia, Sweden, all over the U.S. and Canada and they are not happy.

“They promised up wifi towers, they promised us all types of things and we come here and we’re getting nothing. It’s been terrible,” said Bobby Pegram, who drove from Virginia.

CBS: Do you think your trip from Toronto was wasted?

“Yes. We can’t recuperate the cost of the hotels and the gas money it took to get here,” said Marcus Kung, who came from Toronto.

One couple told CBS 2 they spend over $1,000 for plane tickets, a hotel and a babysitter for the weekend.

Event organizers said the main issue was with the app. The servers are not working. The other problem is cell phone service is spotty out in the park with so many users playing the augmented reality game in the same location.

Before all the issues, there was lots go hype around the event. It is the first festival of its kin and about 15,000 tickets sold out online within minutes of going on sale.

It’s been a mess at Grant Park, with lines over an hour long.
A spokesperson for the company putting on the event said they we be sending out information about refunds for the $20 tickets. They are also giving out $100 worth of in-game points.