(CBS) — They thought the pain was behind them. But Tuesday, the parents of murdered teenager Blair Holt were back in court to face his killer.

Michael Pace, 27, was convicted of Holt’s murder in 2009.

Prosecutors say Pace walked onto a CTA bus in 2007 and started shooting, injuring four and killing Holt, who dove to shield a friend.

pace Blair Holts Killer May Get New SentenceBut an appellate court later tossed Pace’s 100-year prison sentence and ordered he be given a new sentence.

There was a hearing on that matter today.

“I made sure I looked at him, and when he turned his head he saw me there,” Blair Holt’s mother, Annette Nance Holt, tells CBS 2.  “I’m going to make sure every court appearance I’ll be there, and he’ll see my face and hopefully he’ll see Blair sitting there as well.”

She believes Pace deserves his 100-year sentence and hopes the new judge reinstates it.

Blair Holt’s father, Ron, also attended Tuesday’s hearing.

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