(CBS) When it comes to evaluating greatness, Michael Jordan — as you’d expect — puts a great deal of weight into championships.

And it’s with that in mind that Jordan recently offered this: He considers Kobe Bryant to be a greater player than LeBron James.

“Would I rank LeBron over Kobe in terms of best of all time?” Jordan told campers while taking questions his basketball camp. “No. There’s something about five that beats three.

“Kobe won five championships. LeBron won three. Although, he’s been to seven Finals or something like that.”

Kobe won all five of his championships with the Lakers, while James won with the Heat in 2012 and 2013, then returned home to lead the Cavaliers to one in 2016. James has been to seven straight NBA Finals and eight in his career in all.

Jordan, of course, won six championships with the Bulls, never falling in the NBA Finals.

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