(CBS) The Bears invested greatly in tight end Adam Shaheen by somewhat surprisingly taking him in the middle of the second round of the NFL Draft.

Now several months into his professional career and a couple weeks into his first training camp after playing collegiately at Division-II Ashland University, Shaheen is feeling much more comfortable.

“I’m starting to get there, with the processing it a lot quicker,” Shaheen said of learning the NFL system in an interview with the Bernstein and Goff Show on Monday afternoon. “We’ve really had OTAs to get a lot of it, and that’s when you’re just sitting there like, ‘Oh, what am I doing?’ And now, it’s really like the second time hearing it and doing it, it’s starting to just click. Now, there’s still just stuff, nuances to everything. But for the most part, it’s starting to just click, and I’m just being able to start playing a little bit more.”

So what’s the biggest difference in Shaheen’s mind between Division-II and the NFL? It’s not the physicality in his mind, as the 6-foot-6, 270-pound Shaheen believes he has the size to handle the professional game.

“The biggest is they expect perfection, and if it’s not, then you’re going to get, ‘Hey, you didn’t drop your hips on this play,'” Shaheen said. “I mean, you might still be open, but there’s always something you can improve on. In college, it was, ‘Hey, you won. Good job, now on to the next one.’ Here, it’s like every single play, every single detail is analyzed.”

Listen to Shaheen’s full interview below with Bernstein and Goff.