CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago police officer who was wounded in a struggle with an armed suspect in June, and his partner – who chased down the gunman – have been honored for their bravery.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation on Tuesday named officers Michael Hudson and Patrick Forbes the Officers of the Month for August.

“We commend these officers for their courageous work that evening, and are proud to call them our Officers of the Month,” executive director Phil Cline said.

On June 3, Hudson and Forbes were on patrol with the Summer Mobile Unit, when they came across a group of people drinking on the sidewalk in the East Chatham neighborhood. When they approached to question the group, one man ran away into a nearby apartment building.

“The officers followed, and confronted him on the third floor landing, where he had nowhere to go. The suspect reached for a gun from his waistband, and Officer Hudson was shot in his hand while struggling with the suspect,” Cline said.

Forbes was able to return fire, shooting the suspect three times, police said at the time. The suspect then jumped on Forbes’ back, and tried to tackle him. Forbes chased the suspect out of the building, into a gated area at another apartment building, and held him there until other officers arrived.

The suspect later was charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery, and was ordered held without bail.

Cline said seemingly simple police duties can turn violent at any time.

“This underscores the challenge that every Chicago police officer encounters while doing routine police work,” he said.

Hudson said the recovery process has been tough, especially learning to use one hand for everyday tasks while his other hand heals, but support from family and others has helped.

“I haven’t come to terms with it fully yet, so I have a lot of help around the house from my wife and my child – my son – but everything as far as washing dishes, and learning how to cut with one hand, and eat food, it’s complicated,” he said. “The Chicago Police Memorial itself was there, calling me from day one. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

The officer said he was humbled to have been honored for his actions.

“It hasn’t really set in yet,” Hudson said. “There’s officers out there every day putting their lives on the line, and some don’t make it back, you know? and here I am accepting this award, and it truly is an honor to be here on their behalf,” he said.

Hudson said he hopes to return to the force next year.