CHICAGO (CBS) — In the latest in a litany of best U.S. brewery lists, a survey by USA TODAY shows that one Chicago beer maker made the cut.

It’s a small craft shop located on the South Side, nestled next to the Metra Electric/South Shore rail line in the Pullman neighborhood.

And not only is the beer good, the site has plenty of history on its side: Argus Brewery, 11314 S. Front St., is loacted in the Joseph E. Schlitz distribution stables, which housed the Schlitz beer horse teams and carriages in the early 1900s.

According to USA TODAY, Argus promises an “authentic Chicago’ attitude to its patrons.

The rankings were determined using a Yelp algorithm that combined the number of reviews, star rating and other factors.

Argus not only has Yelp reviews in its side. The Holsteiner Lager received a bronze medal in the American-Style Amber Lager category at the Brewers Association 2016 World Beer Cup.

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